Healthy Habits #2

Remember my Healthy Habits #1? In that post, I covered the subject nutrition and what kind of food habits I want. Like Robin Sharma use to say, it takes about 66 days to install a new habit, but I will give you an update the 17th of February already! Now, let’s continue to Healthy Habit #2; Exercise!

Current situation: I work out waaay to little. Before I moved to France I was somewhat fit and worked out a few times a week. But I haven’t found my flow or made the habit here yet (and it’s been four months!) and I feel like I’ve lost all my physical strength. I am not financially ready to get a gym suscription which means I have to motivate myself even more to work out anyway.


Healthy Habit #2:

  • Go to the park nearby, as many mornings as possible, and combine cardio and strength training through running and circuit training with a potential workout buddy
  • Make a simple plan for every work out (focus on legs for instance) and set daily goals
  • Delete the option of skipping workout from your mind (unless you’ve worked out four times already this week)
  • Make sure to cover all muscle groups each week so all get attention!

Extra: I’ll be tracking my workout sessions every day to see how I develop every week. I recommend you do the same if you want to work out more too.

My first ‘park session’ was made today at 9 am (good job!) and I’m very proud over my effort. Let me know how you fit in exercise in your busy schedule! And for everyone of you who are in the same boat as me… Let’s install this habit!


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