5 Minute Make Up

Do you want to get as much sleep as possible, have a long tasty breakfast while planning your day and have make up on fleek? Trust me, I love when I nail all this in the morning, but some mornings are stressful and I don’t have time to stand in front of the mirror for 45 minutes. It became almost a pattern to sleep long in the morning, get dressed, pack my bag, have a quick breakfast and then go to work without brushing my hair or doing any make up. You don’t have to wear make up to work, but sometimes it’s fun to have a nice make up look along with your outfit or just simply to look awake. I decided to find a five minute make up routine for these mornings. Here are some examples from famous beauty gurus;

And for how I do it;

I divide every step into four steps; face, eyebrows, eyes and hair. I give the face just one minute quickly applying concealer, foundation (optional), powder and bronzer. Quick quick quick! For me, the eyebrows and my eyeliner is what takes time so I give them 1,5 minute to 2 minutes each. I start with filling in the brows with a brow powder and clean the edges with a concealer if needed. I then take my liquid eyeliner and draw thin lines and carefully build it up. I have no time for something dramatic and I definitely don’t have time to clean it up if it’s too much. When I have small but pretty wings, I curl my lashes quickly and coat them with some mascara. If five minutes has gone I can still brush my hair for a few seconds or just do that step on the metro to work. Done!



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