Am I Crazy?

I’m an amateur. I have no master nor bachelor’s degree. Still I want to able to succeed without this. Does that mean I’m crazy?

Yes, I would be crazy to say I want to be become a heart surgeon without a proper education. However, I do believe you can learn business related things yourself. It’s not just reading a book though. You have to step out in the real world and try, fail, try again, fail, try again and succeed. have to step out too.

After working with sales and service several times, I know a few things about this area. I’m also currently learning about recruitment and how to establish a business in another country through my job. In addition, I’m trying to improve my writing and graphic design skills. I’m very much a beginner. But, hey, I’m 19. If I keep up this phase, just imagine where I could be at 25! Where you could be. And I believe Richard Branson said he had no idea how to run a business when he started his first. Just look at him now.

So. You’re not crazy. You’re just in a constant learning process and you improve more and more every day. Keep it up and you’ll be fine.


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