Lifestyle Influencers

The dog, the house, the hair, the relationship, the career. Most of us have people we adore, and things about their lives that we adore. We can call them ‘Lifestyle Influencers’. We might or might not be jealous of them per say, but we are mainly inspired by them and their lives. Here are some of mine;

Jenn Im


This fashionista is such a happy, positive person and her clothes, squad of friends and relationship inspire me to build a closet that I love, find those true friends and to make my relationship the best it can be.

Michelle Phan


A girl who started as a dreamer and creative soul on Youtube, and has now built a business she can live off. She is a creative artist, business woman and explorer, so down to Earth and spiritual. Her whole view on life is goals. Do I have to mention her cute long term relationship?

Isabella Löwengrip

isabella löwengrip

My all time favorite blogger from my country, Sweden. She started out young, have started 10 businesses, written four books, gotten married and had two children. She recently bought a house really close to my home in Sweden. Oh, and she’s 25…

Tanya Burr and Jim Chapman


These guys are successful and all that, but I mainly love them because they are such a inspiration when it comes to love and commitment. They have stayed together for almost a decade and recently got married. They always seem to be so happy and goofy and this is something I would love to achieve. Can they have babies soon!?

Lady Gaga


This, everybody, is my queen. Since the age of 12 she has been an inspiration to me, in creativity and self love. I do believe she’s one of the reasons I am pretty confident in myself and her music always seem to strengthen me. Especially the Born This Way album. I can’t wait for LG5 to arrive this year, iiih!

Carli Bybel 


The girl with the always f l a w l e s s makeup. She has become a lifestyle influencer to me since she has made her passion her income and is an expert in her field. She is also a dead gorgeous brunette!

All of these people have a lot in common; their careers are successful, they are all happy, they are all in happy relationships, they are all young and all very creative. Why is it so? Take a look at your Lifestyle Influensers and find the key points that has brought them the life they have now. If they can, you can! ❤


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