15 Things To Tell 15-Year-Old Me

  1. You’re young and this is only the beginning of an amazing journey. Sit back and relax, don’t worry!
  2. Time flies and you learn every day. By next year, you’ll be 100% more confident!
  3. It’s not so common now a days to find the love of your life at the age of 15. You’ll meet wonderful boys and heart breakers – and they will all teach you something about yourself, love and relationships.
  4. There is no need to grow up NOW. Enjoy the teenage years, because they are limited edition!
  5. Going through 9th grade is worth it – high school will be amazing, so keep studying as hard as you do!
  6. Friends can let you down, but since you’re so young they won’t be the only friends you’ll ever have. You will meet so many new wonderful ones.
  7. Maybe you don’t wear make up every day, date boys or party every weekend – but you’ll see it wasn’t necessary for you at that point.
  8. You will soon stumble across a book that will change your life forever.
  9. Having rich kids around you might effect you a little, but please, keep your feet on the ground and appreciate what you have.
  10. You might not have a normal family like everyone else seem to have but believe that one day you’ll have a big beautiful one that you created yourself.
  11. You might feel limited in your freedom with money, not being allowed to stay out for long, not being able to buy all that you want. But that will change and you’ll see that at 15, it wouldn’t matter. Having money at 18 is much more worth.
  12. And that dream school of yours? You’ll get in baby!
  13. You won’t have to graduate elementary school with fake friends – instead you’ll go on 3 week vacation to an Asian paradise where you have roots.
  14. And when you get back you will stumble across that book, gain so much more happiness and confidence – that you attract some new friends, boys and possibilities.
  15. 15 was a challenging age, but you’ll see that it lead you to the exciting 16, the awesome 17, the fun 18, the free 19 and soon the unknown 20.

Keep it up girl ❤


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