Healthy Habits #1

People with a success mindset never seems to stop wanting to develop, right? I find myself constantly wanting to improve my routines and habits. I turn 20 this year and if I really make some things a habit this year, I’m pretty sure my future is going to be somewhat bright! I would like to share this with you and maybe get to know more about your journeys as well.

Healthy Habit #1:

So let’s get down to the basics. Food. Nutrition. This is certainly nothing new. Every successful person talks about a healthy diet. I would like to say I eat like an average person. Normal portions, pretty ok nutrition wise and sometimes junk food. But I would like put more effort into my diet in order to be as energized as possible. I want to start with small changes;

  • A steady breakfast instead of no breakfast because of stressing morning
  • A home made lunch to bring to work instead of eating out
  • A planned dinner so that I can just go ahead and cook it
  • Always good snacks available like nuts and fruit
  • More water

So no drastic changes really. I will be tracking what I eat just to see if it makes a difference. Will I be happier, stronger and more energized?

How do you eat to stay on track?


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