Ways to Fuel Yourself

You have a dream. You know it requires work. But you’re one of those who sometimes need a kick in the butt. There’s nothing wrong with that! You just need to find your fuel in order to take off and work productively. Here’s a few things that fuels my desire to work on my goals;

  • I listen to songs that make me feel unbreakable
  • I watch one or a few short inspirational videos
  • I read my current personal development book
  • I read a few business articles
  • I drink a cup of coffee
  • I look over my vision boards
  • I watch videos/read blog posts by my role models
  • I chat and catch up with ambitious and like-minded friends
  • I think of negative people I’ve met, doubtful comments and critics in general (fuels the desire of wanting to prove people wrong!)

What are your best sources for fuel?


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