Visualizing Routines

I am a strong believer in visualizing, so I’d like to share my way of visualizing.

I do a daily visualizing in the morning. I do a to-do list but I ‘decide’ how the tasks will go. Example;

Thursday November 26th – To do

  1. Have a really good, steady and energizing breakfast
  2. Go to the meeting in Opéra, in a convenient outfit and be there in time
  3. Have a successful meeting and get much out of it

And so on. I can be even more detailed about the tasks. And then I do an overall visualizing every Monday. I divide life into six aspects;

Family/Relationship Career Social life Health Lifestyle Short term goals

It’s very individual what your life’s keys are. These happen to be mine. I try to write down my gratitude, visions and wishes for each aspect. Someone’s vision about family/relationship could be like this;

Family/Relationship; I am grateful for my parents, my little brother and all my caring relatives. I am grateful for all the love they give me every day of the year. I want to be able to retire my parents within five years. I want to help my brother pay his tuition. 

I am grateful to have my fiancee’s love and to be able to spend every day with her by my side. I want us to spend many happy years together and for us to build a happy family within the next years. So shall it be.

Every night I look at my overall visualizing and write down improvements I’ve made, improvements I have to make and goals surrounding it. This way I’m always having the important parts of my life in focus.

Do you visualize? How do you do it? Let me know!

Off to a fun day of work! 😀 x AE ❤


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