A Week of Silence

A week has gone since I last posted. What has happened?

I had a fun day on Tuesday, two days working from home and the Friday. Friday the 13th. A day where it all started so well. A day where I went to many beautiful places in Paris with my friends, discussed travelling, love and self-confidence. Me and my roommate decided on having a night in with chips and a nostalgic game of the Sims. We laughed at our obsession with chips and were excited to create ourselves in the game. Two teenage girls recreating our childhood memories.

A *bing* from my phone and a horrifying news – there had been a shooting in Paris. But it didn’t end there. It got worse and worse, more and more details, more and more panic. I started receiving messages on iMessages, Facebook, Whatsapp, Twitter, Snapchat… everywhere. People asking if I was ok. If I was close to the ongoing bloodbath. And yes I was close, but luckily I was home and safe. But as the number of dead increased I felt sadder and sadder. I felt helpless. We both did. I stayed up late to stay updated on the chaos that was shaking my city. Eventually I fell asleep.

I woke up to a grey Paris with a sad atmosphere. We dared us out to church, to pray and light candles. To talk and to feel like we did something. All in all, this weekend was tough. I barely felt like playing music. It’s still tough. But we have to get back on our feet and fight harder for a peaceful world. For the innocent people dying everyday.

This week I will try to focus on moving on, keep living and to work even harder. I need some time to accelerate. Last week was a week of silence and I’m asking you to accept another one. Hopefully it will lead to posts with better quality next week. I will still post once a day on Instagram (www.instagram.com/ms.eriksson).

Thank you for understanding and have a beautiful week x AE ❤


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