Quick Follow Up and New Weekly Goals

Okay, I’m officially ready for November! I’m done moving, I’ve got better wifi and I’m close to the center of Paris.

I have about two hours before I have to leave for a business meeting so I’ll do a quick post about last week’s and this week’s goals.

Work goals:

Done: I had four work days at home and I followed the productivity program as well as I could. Maybe this one is a half done goal.

Not done: I didn’t work more on projects. I kind of worked 50/50 with the projects and the personal branding. But I really want the personal branding to be 20% and the projects 80% of the time when I’m working. And I didn’t send a document with ideas and inputs to the company launching in Paris because I’m presenting them on a meeting today instead.

Social media goals:

Done: Pretty much everything. I hit 4,5k on Instagram, I have been posting every day and I think I’ve posted good content both on the Instagram and the blog. Hopefully you agree!

Paris goals:

Not done: Didn’t really turn out to be 1 hour French a day, but I’m getting better at being consistent with the studying.

Health goals:

Done: I’ve eaten balanced and varied almost every day so I count that as an accomplished goal. Sunday was the only day that consisted of McDonald’s and Pizza Hut…

Not done: The training of course. I shall get better.

Weekly goals week 45:

Work goals:

  • Have five work days (doesn’t have to be full work days as long as I’m productive); three days launching, one day for P1 and one day for P2
  • Try to focus work on morning and afternoon
  • 80% projects and 20% personal branding
  • Follow the productivity program even better

Social media goals:

  • Hit 5k on Instagram

Paris goals:

  • Study a little bit of French every day, focus on studying in the evening
  • Try visit new places while I live in the city
  • Get a French number

Health goals:

  • Shop new gym supplies
  • Prepare for meal prepping starting next week
  • Look at gyms and maybe get a subscription

Ok, that’s it! I would like to say that even if I take my goals seriously, I sometimes let life come in the way because I feel it’s important to live life too. You can’t plan too much. My goal with these goals is to accomplish at least 80% of them every week. As long as I’m moving forward and I’m happy, it’s all good.

I got to get ready now. Cheers x AE ❤


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