What’s Really Meaningful – My Message


Sometimes I tend to use images of luxurious things such as BMWs, suits, jewelry and so on. Mindset, business and personal development have a strong connection to luxury. Because if you want to build a thriving business, you need to adjust your mindset unless you already have it and when you have your thriving business you might want to treat yourself with luxurious things. This is why most motivation accounts on Instagram post their quotes on images symbolizing a ‘successful life’. I see nothing wrong with that. But I want to point out something important about my vision, mission and message;

My vision for my Instagram account is to post vibrant posts that can inspire dreamers. Whether you’re a man, woman or anther gender. Whether you’re into business or art. What my mission is, is to reach ambitious people with a wild passion for something. I want to be a part of their journeys, I want to be a support and a friend. I share my thoughts on personal development which can be implemented into the life of anyone. It doesn’t matter what you want to succeed in. I might write a lot about entrepreneurship, but that’s because it’s my passion. I love following people with other kinds of passions as well, like fitness, art, engineering or music. Passion is what fascinates me.

Underneath all the luxury, the core consists of real love for passion and dreams. So don’t take me for just another greedy entrepreneur. I’m an aspiring entrepreneur who puts the soul before the ego and love before money. Compassion is what’s really meaningful to me.

AE ❤


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