Quality over Quantity

I get happy when I hit a certain amount of followers on Instagram. Just hitting 500 followers was once huge to me. My account is growing rapidly and I’m at 4,2k now. And it’s not about being popular. It’s about reaching out to people and connecting with like-minded. But to be completely honest, out of these 4,2k, at least half are ghost followers and out of the rest, only a small percentage are people I actually connect with. Receiving a direct message from someone saying they are inspired by my drive means so much more than likes. Of course I want to grow my account in order to meet even more people that I can actually discuss mindset and other deep things with but I appreciate gaining five like-minded friends over gaining 500 new followers.


I hope you understand what I’m trying to say. A post with over 100 likes looks good, but I feel even better when people contact me and want to know more about me behind the account. I would like thank everyone I’ve gotten to know so far and I’m very happy I’ve met you. I’m glad we can follow each other on the journey towards our dreams 🙂 And if you like my Instagram account or blog, never hesitate to message me, it makes me happy to talk to you and of course getting feedback.

Much love and positive vibes your way x AE ❤


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