Weekly Goals (Week 44)

It’s Tuesday, but whatever! Here’s my goals for this week;

Work goals:

  • Have at least four full work days at home (every other day)
  • Work more on projects, less on personal branding
  • Send an email with ideas and inputs to the company launching in Paris
  • Follow the Productivity Program

Social media goals:

  • Be more consistent with posts on Instagram
  • Hit 4,5k followers on Instagram
  • Put out good content on the blog that readers appreciate and find helpful/inspiring

Paris goals:

  • Study one hour of French every day (online course, Duolingo, videos)

Health goals:

  • Eat balanced and varied
  • Do the 2WW from the Productivity Program, and at least three days should be a real work out

As you can see, my goals are somewhat easier this week. Or just less than last week. So far it’s going really good! Have a productive day x AE ❤

P.S. Read about my third week in France on http://www.instagram.com/ms.eriksson!


2 thoughts on “Weekly Goals (Week 44)

  1. Sounds good! Really liking your blog. I just have one little question..

    Regarding “launching a company in Paris”, what exactly is your role in doing so? On Instagram, one of your goals is to “launch a company in Paris, but here it seems like you’re only giving intellectual input! Could you elaborate on this? Or maybe you already have elaborated on it and I just missed it. If so, please refer to me that blog post.

    Kindest regards


    • Hey, glad you like it! I don’t recall explaining it very clearly, but basically it’s a Swedish start-up I used to work for that contacted me and asked if I wanted to help them launch in Paris. Right now they’re still brainstorming about how and when the launch will be and there will be loads to do when they finally got a plan. So that’s why I’m sending them ideas and inputs for now since that’s what they need at the moment 🙂 Thank you for your question, feel free to ask if there’s anything else. Have a good day! / AE


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