Productivity Program Part 1; 5 methods to beat procrastination by Robin Sharma

I shared a video by Robin Sharma in the same post as me talking about creating a productivity program. I had no idea how to start this program or how to structure it, but since I really loved the five methods he talks about in the video, I thought I would start with them.


In this video, he gives you five methods he used himself to beat procrastination. These are;

  1. Making a statement like ‘I want to be/have achieved ____ at _____’. This is something you should read out every morning and evening. With this he says you should make some kind of vision board with things you want in life. You will also look at this morning and night.
  2. Doing something you usually procrastinate, every day. For example, if you usually procrastinate doing the dishes, you do the dishes and write it down at day 1. Day 2, you do something else you usually procrastinate and write it down.
  3. 2WW, is something Sharma says means two wind work out. You work out as soon as you get up in the morning and then you work out again in the late afternoon, around 5 pm.
  4. Creating distraction free environments. Get rid of the clutter and distracting things like social media while you’re working.
  5. Releasing self-sabotage – stop thinking you can’t, stop criticizing yourself and think positive thoughts about your own power.

So these are the five methods, which I want to try out for a month (26/10 – 26/11). I have started with the first method and have actually done this for a pretty long time. I’ll tell you more about my vision boards in the next post.

For work, I’ve put a certain priority on different projects. My work time should be split up in;

30% Project launching a company in Paris

30% French

20% P1

20% P2

To make this easy; if I have 1 hour and 40 minutes to do some work, I spend 30 minutes on brainstorming the launch, 30 minutes studying French, 20 minutes working on project 1 and 20 minutes working on project 2.

Have an awesome week! #LoveMonday x AE ❤


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