Sticking to Plans

Last night, I fell asleep late again. I was supposed to catch a bus at 8 am, but when my phone rang around 7 am I felt the lack of sleep I’ve had the past few days. I had to cancel my plans with my two friends. But instead of actually writing that to them, I of course fell back to sleep. I woke up at like 20 minutes before we were suppose to meet up and quickly sent them a message, No one replied and not until hours later I was told they both had been there but not found each other. One had been out the night before, but still made it on time. I guess she’s not very happy now. And even if I had a reason and they could have done the thing together (but somehow didn’t find each other), I feel a bit guilty. Lately I’ve been quite bad at sticking to plans and have been showing up late. I think there’s mainly two factors; one is that I live an hour away from the center of the city and it’s sometimes hard to know exactly when I’ll be there and two, procrastination. I’ll talk more about procrastination tomorrow.

Anyway since we cancelled today’s plans, I think I’ll just shut the guilt out and let things cool. I’ll stay home and work instead because I really really need to. Happy Sunday x AE ❤


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