Good morning, Saturday!

I didn’t manage to fall asleep at 10 pm last night, and didn’t manage to get up at 7 am. But actually, maybe 0 am to 8 am is better for me. I think it suits my current lifestyle better. Like today, I’m going into town for my first (!) shopping spree here in Paris. I know, how did it take three weeks for me to realize I can go shopping in the number one fashion city? Anyway, it takes a while for me to go in and out of town which means I’ll be in town at perhaps 1 pm and after lunch and shopping I might be home at 6 pm. Not that bad. But since I want to get some more things done tonight like Skype calls, grocery shopping, dinner, studying and business, 4 hours seems little.

I know its not about being busy. It’s about being efficient. But once I’m in that flow, I just want to ride on it until I’m too sleepy. We’ll see what I do tonight. As long as I’m happy with it, it’s fine I guess.

Hope you all have a wonderful Saturday! //AE ❤



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