Exploring the City of Fashion

… Well I actually just got myself skin care products and perfume today. But there’s so much to explore in this city, fashion and shopping wise! Next time I’ll go as early as possible though since this town is also full of tourists and other shopaholics.

Something I’m really glad about is how I have never felt regret about moving here. This is my little adventure and I love every piece of it. Whether it’s about the language challenges or the people I get to hang out with. Living here is time consuming which is nothing strange at all. Life is time consuming. I’m not as quick at replying at messages now a days because I choose to reply to the ones with biggest relevance. I’m sorry if that sounds harsh but this is another thing I’ve learned lately; use your time wisely. Never has it been as clear. If I have 10 minutes left before leaving my apartment I should reply to the person I’m having a meeting with in an hour rather than someone who can survive without a reply from me for a few hours.

Since it’s 9 PM now I’m not gonna write a long confusing novel about my thoughts. I’ve just made a cup of cappuccino (was that wise? I’m not sure hehe) and am now going to finish my vision boards. It actually takes time!

Good night, hustlers x AE ❤

exploring paris


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