Productivity Program?

Two days just went by really quickly.

In these two days I’ve also realized how my life has changed. Things are for real now. I need to work harder to keep things running. I can’t always update social media 3-4 times a day because reality needs me to stay focused. I also spent yesterday doing almost nothing because I felt a lack of structure in my new life. So this what I got to do.

I have to create a productivity program for myself, a structure that fits my current path and new, clear goals for all aspects in life. I will create this and then try my best to follow it. I will of course let you follow me through this program. First, I will cut down on distractions so that I can be productive during the creation of the productivity program. These are the first tasks I have to do before creating my program:

  1. Pay bills. Or else I’ll have this voice in the back of my head contently reminding me of them
  2. Leave commitments I can’t commit to in life right now
  3. Close all tabs and start on a new fresh page
  4. Create two new vision boards, long and short term

And then I’ll do another list of what I can do before going to bed. Speaking of that, I’ve been getting up way to late the last few days. Today’s goal will be bed at 10, up at 6 or 7 am tomorrow.

Watch this awesome beat procrastination video by Robin Sharma;

Much love and happy Friday! /AE ❤


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