So, a lot of people have been asking about my projects. The thing with me is that I tend to be quite secretive about my ‘creations’. I don’t know if that’s a good or a bad thing. Anyway, I should drop some details on the matter.

I started a project about social media branding this summer, but after a while I felt like I could do something bigger and better. Something that wasn’t as easy, but would totally be worth it. So I started brainstorming, looking at my list of business ideas and one caught my eye. Something that I was looking for myself. Since I couldn’t find this already, I thought maybe I should start this. So my own project is in the area ‘education’. I still have a long way and a lot of question marks to figure out. But if, I mean when, I get this thing rolling, I will share every step with you!

My second project, is something I’m working on with a friend. It also has to do with education, but with focus on women. My first project is education + young people and the second is education + women. So to make it easier in the future I’ll address my own project as P1 and the second as P2. Simple huh?

The goal is to get both of these rolling next year and they should be start-ups by the end of next year. I believe that both of these projects are meaningful but require a lot of hard work. But I want to see both of these business out there so I just got to work hard for these young people and women that will be part of this in the future.

Ok, now I’ve got 25 minutes to get ready to go into town. Have a good Tuesday everyone! ❤


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