Weekly goals (week 43)

Is it a Swedish thing to organize everything after weeks? I never hear anyone else say ‘what week is it? ‘week 43’.

Anyway, it is a new week which for me means new weekly goals. I share these goals with a few of my most ambitious friends so that we can support each other and pep-talk each other in case someone’s slacking with their goals. Or if someone’s doing really great, we applaud them. So I thought I’d present this week’s goals for you as well;

Goals for this week

Work goals:

– Finish the foundation of project 1
– Finish the foundation of project 2
– Keep improving Ms.Eriksson
– Make a job searching plan on Monday and follow it every day
– Have a successful meeting regarding a potential job on Wednesday

Social media goals:

– Hit 4K followers on Instagram (www.instagram.com/ms.eriksson)
– Increase the engagement on Instagram
– Increase the activity on the Facebook page (www.facebook.com/ms.erikssonofficial)
– Reach 50 likes on the Facebook page
– Increase the amount of readers of the blog
– Post at least three posts on the blog a day

Paris goals:

– Find alternatives for new apartment in November
– Do more city sightseeing this week
– Finish ‘semaine’ 1, 2 and 3 on French online course

Health goals

– Buy good and energizing food
– Eat properly
– Train at least 3 days

That’s a lot of goals. Of course I want to have some quality time with some people, Skype calls with family and friends at home and some me-time too. Now I need to start working on these goals. Have a good start of the week! #LoveMonday


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