Sunday Night Grinding

As soon as I stepped in through my door after 24 hours away with friends, I felt the urge of working. I made tea, made a quick note of my remaining tasks of this weeks goals and started working immediately. I have to admit that I love that feeling. Of just really wanting to get things done and actually doing it. It made me excited for tomorrow and the upcoming week.

I do have loads to get done next week. Everything from thoroughly cleaning my apartment, refilling my fridge with good food, looking for a new place to live here in Paris to keep working my own two projects, my discipline and productivity. I will go through that more in detail tomorrow morning.

So, back to this wonderful Sunday night. I’ve got a two hour Kygo playlist on, my tea and my list to go through. And I feel like KILLING it. Phone on airplane mode, brain on grind mode. Wish you all a lovely Sunday, wherever on the world you are!



2 thoughts on “Sunday Night Grinding

  1. Can’t wait to hear about your projects tomorrow! I’ve been looking forward to hearing what you actually do, you’re really a tease 😉


    • I won’t say exactly what my projects are but I can give you a hint. I am only creating the foundation right now. Thank you for following my process! 🙂


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