D as in Discipline

I love productivity. Once I’m in a flow, I’m killing it. But it’s hard to just start. Hard to get into that flow. To get myself off Youtube videos, group discussions and other distracting things in order to start working. I’m lacking in the discipline department. I know the perfect productive morning. Get up when the alarm goes off, make a nutritious breakfast, plan the day and then go through that to do-list throughout the day. But this is not what it turns out to be. I KNOW I have the tools to turn this perfect morning into a habit. It just takes time and effort. Robin Sharma said it takes about 66 days to install a new habit. There’s so many habits I should install. I should do yoga more often. I should work out more often. I should eat better. I should drink more water. I should read more. I should stay off social media more often. No one’s perfect. But in this case I think it’s OK to push myself because I know that I’m just stuck at things that are not necessarily good for me.

I don’t want to become a machine. I just want to be more productive, achieve more and for that I need discipline.  I do want to give myself a high five for getting up really early today though. It might be Saturday, but it’s still a day I could make the most out of. I should be using at least six hours of this day for my to do-list.

Now I just have to get started. I’ve only edited today’s Instagram posts and now I’m writing this. I read somewhere that you can trick yourself into finishing your tasks. Tell yourself you’ll give it 15 minutes and you end up doing a whole lot more. I’ll try this technique today.

Well, like they say in French… C’est parti!


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